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The DARIAH-EU Annual Event 2022 was a hybrid event that took place in Athens, Greece on May 31-June 3, 2022. Topic of this year’s event was Storytelling. This was one of the busiest annual events as we had the pleasure to welcome more than 350 registered participants, both in person and online, from 41 countries around the world, from Europe, the US, Canada, from Africa and Asia.

The power of storytelling as a sense-making and knowledge-creation strategy is deeply embedded in human cultures, reaching back as far as our written records, and looking as far forward as our technological imaginations. How we gather, share and use our stories says much about who we are, how we entertain and educate, how we build identities and understand the world beyond our vision, how we relate to our past and to our future. The DARIAH Annual Event 2022 aimed to highlight the power of storytelling in the arts and humanities. By looking at our research practices and our research infrastructures through the lens of storytelling, we aimed to build conceptual bridges between the arts, technology, humanities, and beyond.

The 2022 event kicked off with meetings of DARIAH bodies, followed by three conference days with panels, papers, keynote speeches, performances and poster sessions. More specifically, the programme of the event consisted of:

  • Two keynote lectures on the theme of Storytelling: an opening keynote by Prof. Andrew Perkis (Professor at NTNU Trondheim, head of the NTNU ARTEC) and a closing keynote by Louise Welsh (Professor of Creative Writing at University of Glasgow)
  • Paper sessions on the topics of Theory of Storytelling, Case Studies of Storytelling, Storytelling of Cultural Heritage
  • Panel sessions on Storytelling, experimentation and participatory methods, Heurist as a Platform for Data-Driven Storytelling, Telling the story of women’s literary participation: From data to database history and Data-Driven storytelling through FAIR data
  • Poster and demo sessions
  • Plenary sessions with the DARIAH Directors and the Theme Funded projects
  • A musical performance by Nadar Ensemble, one of the DARIAH Theme funded projects in 2020-2021
  • A presentation of the GoTRIPLE platform (TRIPLE project)
  • Internal meetings of several DARIAH organisational bodies

Find the slides and presentations from the various sessions of the conference in the Storytelling – DARIAH Annual Event 2022 Zenodo community.

For pictures of the event visit our Flickr account.

Programme Committee

  • Jennifer Edmond (Chair) – DARIAH-EU; Trinity College Dublin
  • Andrea Scharnhorst (Co-Chair) – DARIAH-EU; Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • Francesca Morselli (Co-Chair) – DARIAH-EU; Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • Agiatis Benardou (Co-Chair) – Digital Curation Unit, R.C. “Athena”
  • Marianne Huang – Aarhus University
  • Panos Constantopoulos – Athens University of Economics and Business; Digital Curation Unit, R.C. “Athena”
  • Georgios Artopoulos – The Cyprus Institute
  • Roxanne Wyns – KU Leuven
  • Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra – DARIAH-EU
  • Almila Akdag – Utrecht University
  • Femmy Admiraal – Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • Edward J. Gray – DARIAH-EU; Huma-Num
  • Vicky Garnett – DARIAH-EU
  • Eliza Papaki – DARIAH-EU

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