Annual Event

Privacy Notice

We, DARIAH ERIC, would like to inform you about your rights and obligations regarding collecting and processing any of your personal information, which you might provide to us. We have a range of policies and procedures to ensure that any personal information you supply is only with your active consent and will always be held securely and treated confidentially in line with the applicable regulations. In the following section, we describe how and for what purpose we collect, use and process your personal data. In this privacy notice, we might use “we” or “DARIAH”, but we always refer to DARIAH ERIC. If you want to know more about our statutes or the legal form ERIC, please follow the links.

1/ Registration to “ConfTool”

To register to the DARIAH Annual Event 2022 (participation to the conferences and the call for papers) you need to create a user account for ConfTool. ConfTool is a web based conference management tool provided by our partner, the ConfTool GmbH/Germany which will collect specific personal information necessary to perform your request for participation. When creating a ConfTool user account, you are requested to accept the ConfTool data privacy agreement and the privacy statement.

2/ Travel claim form

In specific cases (i.e. you are invited to give a keynote in the DARIAH Annual Event), DARIAH might cover your travel and accommodation costs. After consultation with the DARIAH coordination office, you will receive a travel claim form in which you will have to provide the following information: your name (first and last name), your personal address and your bank details.

The data will be used to reimburse the costs related to your travel and will be stored on the personal computer of our financial officer. The data will be communicated to the accounting office Expertens and to the auditor Solsequia finance and stored for 10 years (legal period under French law).

3/ Google Analytics

DARIAH uses the services provided by Google Analytics. It collects data about your activities that does not personally or directly identify you when you visit the DARIAH Annual Event website. This information may include content you view, the date and time that you viewed the content or your location information associated with your IP address. We, in DARIAH, use this information to improve the structure and content of the Annual Event website. To see how Google uses data when you use the DARIAH Annual Event website, go to this page.

You have the right to access, change or delete your personal data at any time. If you agree to the use of your data for the above mentioned services, you have the right to withdraw your agreement at any time. For that matter, please contact us at or by postal mail:

DARIAH-EU Coordination Office Berlin
c/o Centre Marc Bloch e.V.
Friedrichstraße 191
10117 Berlin