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The City of Athens

The City of Athens

Surrounded by a lining of stunning coastline and mountains, Athens is filled with gems just waiting to be discovered. Located at the crossroads of three continents, the capital of Greece with an overall population of close to 4 million people has often been the melting pot of many cultures. Characterised by a culture and people that are welcoming and relaxed, every visitor will feel like home.

The area around the venue of the DARIAH Annual Event 2022, Eugenides Foundation, is Palaion Faliron, a coastal district and a municipality in the southern part of the Piraeus agglomeration, Greece. It is situated on the east coast of the Phalerum Bay, a bay of the Saronic Gulf.

More information on how to reach the venue can be found here.

Suggested Restaurants Near the Venue
A few restaurants within walking distance from the venue are:
Warehouse Edge (wine bar)
Pezoulas Fish Tavern
Canal Cafe (inside the Stavros Niarchos Foundation park)
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COVID-19 related updates

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